Mule Barn Theatre - 3



Bill Coleman, Perry Courtemash, Dan Workman, Richard Hodge, Kate Guimbellot, Bob, Dan Solina

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Keith Borzillo, Andrea Willecke Wortham, Bert Krizner, Perry Courtemash, Kim Goff Traum, Sidney Karr, Tammy Hopkins, Michael Taylor-Stewart, Kate Guimbellot, Michelle Muriel, Douglas Dale Ward, Amy Jude Keaton, Marylea Vega Montalvo, Caprice Christensen Ward, Dan Workman, Tanya Bush

Douglas Dale Ward, Perry Courtemash, Dan Workman, Richard Hodge, Keith Borzillo, Bill Coleman, John Hendricks
"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

The Crew of Joseph

Deanna Clause, John Dunn, Brian Krizner, Matt Hennin, Chelsey Hathaway, Michelle Blaine, Steve Lepley, Bruce Holland, Lara Kirksey, Dan Williams

Steve Larson, Bob Wisse, Rick Howard, Larry Hector, Lila Dan

House of Blue Leaves 1973

The Effects of Gamma Rays 1976-77
Carl Cole, Sally Neumann, Cindi Long, LouAnne Taylor,
Meagan Manoogian Powell

Romeo and Juliet - 1976
Tim Reischauer and Sally Neumann

Romeo and Juliet, With Cheryl Kovitz, Sue McMahon, and Sally Neumann

Missy Koonce, Dan Workman
"Once Upon A Mattress"

Audra Rox, Missy Koonce, Dan Workman
"Once Upon a Mattress"

Steve Bertani, Sarah Peters
"Once Upon A Mattress"

Once Upon A Mattress
Dexter Armistead

Tech crew for Once Upon a Mattress

Steve Rattenborg, Carly Rauschenberg, Carla Ann, Dave Ellison, Jim Gable, Larry Hector, Sue Howard and Rick Howard

Sarah Peters

Theatre Production Photos By Sarah Peters

Dan Workman, Tatiana Bush Holmgren, David-Michael Allen, Charlie Leader, Dan Solina, Michelle Muriel, Keith Borzillo, Sarah Peters, Bob Britton

"The Merchant of Venice"

Jo Peters, Sarah Peters

Sarah Peters
"The Miracle Worker"

Sarah Peters
Ms. Malaprop from "The Rivals"

Nedra Dixon, Andrea Willecke Wortham, Audra Rox, Sarah Peters

Jo Peters, Tina Scoggins, Lara Kirksey, Fred Goodson, Sarah Peters, Jane Spencer, Bob, Rob Hatzenbeller, Rob Hatzenbuller, Jonnie Miller, Muffy Horan, Dan Workman, David Duret, John Wigginton, Sylvia Erdman Samuel, Sylvia

"Tintypes" Cast & Crew

Tina Scoggins, Jonnie Miller, Sarah Peters, Dan Workman

Hello Dolly, 1974
In this photo: Mary Owensby Thompson

Hello Dolly
Jim Boggess and Karen Bruhn

Hello Dolly
Barbara E and Greg Little (AKA Greg Everett)

Hello Dolly
Steve Jennings and ?

Hello Dolly crew

Hello Dolly
Jim Salen and Debbie Fleischman

spring of 1987

Marylea Vega-Montalvo, Martha Horan, Leah Nixon, Andrea Willeke Wortham, Craig Horness, Caprice Christensen Ward

The Princess and the Pea
Fall 1974
Joyce Long Thompson and Rick Callen

Princess and the Pea

Cast and crew of Dracula.

Dracula disappeared at the end thru a trap door down into the museum.

Dexter Armistead, Steve Larson, Marc Wooters, Rick Callen, MIlad Ishak, Larry Hector, Madeline Turegano, Rick Howard

Jennifer Alt and David Alt. and ?

Kathy Egan

Tom Crisp as Marco

Kim King as one of the Bluebirds

Marcie Smith as Lili

Renee ? as Rosalie

Marcie Smith, and the guy on the left is Michael Chandler


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