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Joann Wolf '88
Tarkio College Man and Woman of the Year 1962

Tom Carver and Betty Carver
Nancy Lane
Richard Rosa, Frank Setlock and Dino Lusa
Tarkio College Parade circa 1965
George Sarganis

Those are my Atom Ant glasses!! I was scared to death, hence the serious look!! I student taught in a School with K-12 under one roof in College Springs Iowa. I walked into the Principal's office the first day of school, he told me to go home, cut my hair and then maybe he would allow me to student teach. So I did, you know the rest of the story!!
Rob Hightshoe '? and Joel Climenhaga in Joel's office spring semester 1990
Old Snaps from the '60's :
Tarkio students Nancy Tuft, Watin Tantanirandr, Sandy Nesbit, and Ed Perry. Maybe David Redding's home.
Watin at 1965 retreat in Fremont, Nebraska, where we were snowed in after a blizzard
Music makers:
Watin Tantanirandr, Stanley Yates, Bill Kratz about 1965
Vernell Dooley, who attended TC for two years. This would be about 1965 or 1966.
Stan Yates '68
Old Main with Marshall and Thompson Halls
Grace Schoenemann Huettner '87 and Alan Kovitz '79
Richard Rosa, Ken Bosco, and Steve Wisnowski, circa 1975
Greg Lugn '78
David Duty '90
Tom Carver '62
Michael Ferchau '77 and bride
Phil and JoAnn
Smith Hummel '56, '53
Mark and Becky Christy, co-directors Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd. Circa 1977
Larry Pattee '57
and George Phelps '58
George Phelps '58
The fall of '64
The fall of '64
TCAA's former president, Charles "Bud" McAdams '58 with family
Don Botic and Ed Perry '67
Larry Meno Jr.
Halloween 1984

Starting at the top left going in a circle and ending in the middle: Perry Courtemash, Kristen Bradey,
Steve ???, Caprice Ward, Audrey Federspiel Kell, Warren Paige (in center)
Joanne Wolf 1990-91
Kate Guimbellot with Leah Wittington Nixon
Homecoming 1990
Homecoming 1990
Ariana Kennedy and Lisa Grey '89
Professor Nate Austin and Daughter, Patti
Graduation 1974 - Richard Rosa, Frank Setlock and Dave Hyrenwich and others
Freshman Beanie!
John Catanzaro
Andrea Willecke Wortham
Tracy Moore-Hudspeth and Pernell Hudspeth
Graduation 1987
Rob Dunhan
Lambda Sigma Tau
Bruce Gilbert
Our President, Wayne Gelston back in the days!
Barbara Hemphill's Senior Recital
Doug Henry, Brenda Ewart, Abiy Hailu

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